Growing Bonsai

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So…you’re at a store or nursery and you see a plant that is advertised as a bonsai. It’s really just a little stick in a pot (it doesn’t look like that to you at the time, its only after you’ve gone home and searched “bonsai” online does it occur to you that this is what you have) and you buy it, or a dofferent scenario: your great uncle on yo’ mammas side gives you a “gift” (I don’t ever suggest giving bonsai as gifts; its like giving a puppy as a gift. In fact, if I get a call from a prospective customer I will grill them about what their intended purpose in buying a tree is and try to talk them out of a sale if the tree is intended to be a gift.) bonsai. However way you get this tree, you’ve decided to give this bonsai thing a…

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